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I've taken a few classes here and I've found that Newyorksys is a great place to refresh and expand my SAP HANA skills. It's located conveniently in NewYork, with a large selection of courses.

When we visit the site, we get a list of courses that's really helpful during the selection of the professional course. Everyone had a unique registration id to use and attend the enrolled Course sessions and Server Access in Online.

I took SAP HANA with Ben and it was fantastic. He has a lot of experience with the SAP HANA Module and taught us how to generate a good workflow and use many different functional techniques. The classes were well paced and questions were encouraged.

The courses aren't cheap, but I would definitely recommend them because of the high quality of trainers and content. Special bonus: you can renew the server access again to the next six months at low cost.

I would definitely take a class on another course from Newyorksys again, totally worth every penny. Thanks.

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What a big joke! Big liars!!!

These people omg I want to call them so many names but I will try to keep emotions out of this. After calling me so many times and pushing me to make a payment I felt something was wrong so I went there to check if they were genuine. They claim they are in New York? BIG LIE!!!

I drove there and called them from there to confirm where they were, of coz he didn't know I was there and lied to me.

When I told them I was at the address was told I would get a call back and now they wont even pick my calls. I am sorry to those that lost their money to these thieves!!!

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