Class originally scheduled at 6:30pm CST.

2nd day, changed to 5:30pm CST, waited 20 mins, teacher didn't show up, because teacher was in meeting.

3rd day, waiting for email with online meeting link, no emails, called, notified me time changed to 6:30pm.

Waited till 6:30pm, no email, called, a guy said, waiting online, waited 10 more mins, called them again, after ringing long time, a guy answered, class cancelled.

Those guys changed time, cancelled classes, without notice, very irresponsible. And the class's quality is not good either, very bad sound quality.

I wish I read other negative reviews before making payment.

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San Diego, California, United States #704361

no class today, good thing they called me 15 mins before the scheduled time, telling me, trainer is busy.

No class Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, variety of reasons, what else...

San Diego, California, United States #702948

same thing again, the difference is this time, their server is down. I just want to keep tracking how long it takes to have a regular class, maybe once every week, if the trainer is not in meeting, if the coordinator is in good mood, and if the network is up running. It is unusual to have a class now, the usual is no class, and no notice in advance.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #700763

after one good class, same stories again and again. Today it's delayed and no notice, until I called.

1 hour delay, no notice, if no class 20 mins later, will ask for refund.

just take classes from other companies. this company is not trustworthy.

San Diego, California, United States #696894

ok, today is the 5th day, and the class started on time, and the teacher changed to a new one, who is very good:) I am happy with the teacher's quality and his side sound quality.

San Diego, California, United States #696191

today same story again, 4 days in a row.

to Anonymous Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #771038

When you make a comment about NewYorkSys,

1. why don't you put your full name.

2. Why don't you specify what course or training you took from them.

3. When did you do the course?.

4. Who was your trainer?

5. Did you finish the course?.

6. What was wrong with the course training or syllabus?.

7. If you did not complete the course, what was the reason?

8. What did you pay for the course?.

Just simply ranting about some company or training is non-sense. The fact that you chose to be anonymous is testimony that you cannot be trusted.

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